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"Why don't you come over?", a campaign by in response to the British one called "Don't come to England"

Gândul launched the “Why don’t you come over?” campaign, offering reasons to travel to Romania, a response to British “Don’t come to UK” campaign, aimed at discouraging Romanian citizens who want to live and work in the UK.

After the daily paper The Guardian invited its readers to come up with their own ideas for the British Government campaign, Gândul, in a partnership with GMP Advertising, addressed a challenge to their own readers: any idea, poster design or slogan can be uploaded on the newspaper’s Facebook page, through the “Come to Romania” Facebook application.

Every day, up until the project ends, Gândul will publish two new posters created during the “Why don’t you come over? ” campaign.

Such messages, received by the editorial office, include “Charles bought a house here in 2005. And Harry never has been photographed naked once”, and "We speak better English than anywhere you've been in France".

Two new posters say "Half of our women look like Kate. The other half, like her sister" and "We have the most beautiful road in the world according to your top motoring show", as Thursday’s edition displays messages such as "Our draft beer is less expensive than your bottled water" or "We serve more food groups than pie, sausage, fish & chips".

The Guardian readers have sent their suggestions for the anti-immigration campaign, but the result was more ironic to the British that to Romanians.

The authorities, the press and NGOs such as Migration Watch (UK) are trying to build up the idea that Romanian and Bulgarian citizens will invade Great Britain, after the labor market and residency restrictions in effect will be lifted.

Without official figures or solid scientific research, the British are warning that hundreds of thousands of Romanian migrants are waiting to come to their country.

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#1 Agnes McDonald 1.02.2013 18:03

I am embarrassed by the press reports based on ENGLISH prejudices and fears. My experience of Eastern European immigrants to our country is that they work hard and contribute positively to the economy and our society and their children are well-behaved, hard-working school pupils. Please do not think that everyone in the UK is as prejudiced as the ENGLISH (NB not British) tabloid newspapers.

#2 Steve Johnson 2.02.2013 14:12

Personally I don't have a problem with sensible numbers of immigrants, regardless of their origin. But you can get too much of a good thing, and I do think we experienced that in 2004-2005.

But all the Romanians I've met have been nice people, and yes, the ladies have been rather attractive, too...

Reading the earlier comment on this, you could also try "Come to Romania. We are less bigoted than the Scots."

#3 James Lomond 2.02.2013 15:33

Very witty!

However I think what you ought to bare in mind is that in the last few years, a lot of petty criminals from eastern Europe arrived here. They beg in streets, pickpocket, scam and so forth. So that is all many Britons know of Eastern Europe. That is what they expect.

I suspect when the good, honest, law-abiding Romanians start arriving, people will see the difference and happily accept them.

#4 Davey Robbo 2.02.2013 22:13

I've just laughed myself silly at the campaign posters... they're all true!
Hurry up and get over here, all of you! You Romanians shall work hard, learn English and take no nonsense from the Authorities, Employers and (some) co-workers.... thereby showing us up and setting an example of motivation and self-respect.... a great benefit to the UK...eventually!
The Poles have already done this, so shall you!

#5 Mark 2.02.2013 23:13

Dear Romania, I would like to apologise to you for the xenophobic ignorance of the UK government.

#6 Nana 3.02.2013 14:39

Mark, you're too sweet. Thank you, we appreciate it!!!

#7 Chris Hawkins 4.02.2013 20:12


Keep up the good work! I am British but I have for years been sickened by the increasing xenophobia of my countrymen and government, not just against Romanians but also against many other nationalities.

I have visited Bucharest, Ploesti, Brasov and Silaiea. I even had my passport stolen in Brasov!

99% of Romanians I have met are wonderfully welcoming, highly intelligent, multi-lingual and extremely competent and the countryside is magnificent.

It is time that Romania stands up, both internally and externally for what it is and can be, a resource rich modern European Nation!

#8 Alan 5.02.2013 15:50

@Agnes McDonald

Typical English hating jock and she talks about prejudice. Hypocrite!

#9 Laszlo 5.02.2013 17:54

I've lived in the UK and I can say most people there are sensible and reasonable (yes, even the ones against immigration).

Also, Romania is a great country and Romanians are a great people. (How's that from a Hungarian? :))

Congrats to Gandul for this brilliant campaign.

#10 Halic R. 14 years old (c.n.m.e. IASI) 23.02.2013 08:59

Mehhh... and now all romanians are called beggers and scammers? Well some of them are but like 1 % , and that 1 % made the entire Romania look bad ...
What I want to say is that the rest of 99 % of romanians are highly intelligent, multi-lingual and so on ...
Hmmm... And I don't know very much about this entire story with horse meat ... ( we will see the result )

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