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In case of torrential rain, the flood areas of Bucharest are Giuleşti Sârbi, Iuliu Maniu Blvd., Apărătorii Patriei, Progresului and 1.5 kilometers of Şoseaua Alexandriei. There is also a somber scenario wherein a large part of the capital would be flooded and the waters could go as far up as the 4th floor of the University Hospital. "If the Ciurel dam breaks, the water could go as far up as the 4th floor of the University Hospital.

The same would happen on the right and left banks of the Dâmboviţa, about 800 meters inland. I hope such a thing never happens, and I don't only hope this; the people from Apele Române have their verifications to conduct and we're in expectation mode when there's flooding all over the country, because we don't want to wake up with a series of rushes of water that put us over the limit and flood us", said the General Mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, on Antena 3. The mayor of the capital city says there's also an optimistic scenario as regards the Ciurel dam. "If it only cracks, then you can let go of the water quickly enough so that it doesn't break.

There are outlets for the Dâmboviţa too, there's also the ring of lakes around the city, but that doesn't mean you can just sleep your ass in and wait to get into these situations that nobody wants to be in", said the General Mayor. The Ciurel dam also represented a danger for residents of the capital back in 2004 floods, when the representatives of local public administration tried to dump large quantities of water into the ring of lakes around the capital. That is when they found out that most of the lakes had been concessioned and their owners had welded shut the doors of the floodgates, so that their fish don't swim out. Oprescu did specify that for areas with a high potential for flooding equipment is on call, ready to intervene as soon as meteorologists announce large quantities of rainfall. "45 intervention vehicles from Apa Nova and 15 of ours are ready to intervene the moment rainfall exceeding, or at least rainfall we're told may exceed, 25 liters per square meter starts outside" said Sorin Oprescu.

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