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Last year, seeing her, I mean Sonia, running through our desksas a restless butterfly, made me spontaneously jealous. "Who couldthe lucky father of this wonder little girl be?!" I tried to pompthe secret out of my colleagues. "You know, she is rather ill",whispered Diana and told me in a nutshell the touching story shewould write for Gândul.

The other day, Enona Chiriac from the "Inima Copiilor"(Children's Heart) called "Congrats, you've just won 50.000 Euros".As any man who has never won a thing in his life, I accepted thenews with great suspicion: "I beg your pardon?" She briefly told meabout the Anonymous Man who, after reading Sonia's story in thearchive of our newspaper articles, decided to donate the abovementioned amount to help building the Paediatrics and Cardiologydepartment of the "Marie Curie" Hospital. I was prone to doubt:"Have you seen this money? And who, in God's name, is thisanonymous guy?" "No, I haven't seen it, 'cause you can not carry itaround in a purse, we signed a contract and the money will betransferred by the bank... and the guy is anonymous, that is hedoesn't want his name to be reveal", my interlocutress spelled outfor me. I went on with being sceptical: now really what sane manwould make such a gesture and ask to remain anonymous?!

Mister Anonymous is a freak, as everybody working for the "InimaCopiilor". They are freaks because they make normal gestures whenthe entire world tamed the unnatural. They look suspicious becausethey invest time and energy in a dream. They are unnatural becausepeople of this country have ceased to dream; in this countrywell-off people go to Vienna for treatment and the rest pray not toend up in a hospital.

Let's put a stop to our insane rush towards nowhere, to ourordinary squirm, to our daily haggle. Are we still capable ofreceiving good news? Save a few minutes to read today inGândulthe story of Sonia and Mr. Anonymous. Think of how much pain can achild endure, how awfully scared he/she is when and desperatelygrabbing you while going to the doctors'. You might whisper thenthat there are things that really matter. Envy, mistrust,scepticism may sometimes disappear in two ticks. And maybe thiscountry would still stand a chance if we stopped looking up somuch, and instead looked down to the anonymous and responsivepeople around us. Nuggets as big as a fist are hidden in the mudand wait for us to bow and pick them up.

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