13 vizualizări 17 iun 2010

TV economic debates create a great deal of confusions, and the triviality that characterizes them is extremely dangerous and has to stop, stated National Bank of Romania Governor Mugur Isărescu on Wednesday. "There are a great deal of confusions. Romanian society now more than ever needs professional debates and we have to make every effort to translate them into accessible language.

The triviality of economic debates has to stop. It is extremely dangerous", said Isărescu at a seminar organized at the National Bank of Romania.
The statements of the National Bank of Romania Governor come after he watched a televised debate Tuesday evening where those present expressed indignation that the reserves of the National Bank of Romania have grown. "Can you imagine the trouble, to actually have grown our reserves", said Isărescu.

The National Bank of Romania Governor explained that the foreign currency reserves provide financial stability, as well as exchange rate stability.
"This notion of stability seems like a given but it's just like your health; you only realize how important it is when you don't have it anymore", said Isărescu.

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