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The three senators, members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, touched on the issue of shale gas exploitation using hydraulic fracking in the context of debates on the need to secure the European countries’ energy independence from Russia.

One of the senators told Romanians to take a look at what Vladimir Putin is doing in Ukraine and Transnistria.

"I would say to take a look at what Vladimir Putin did in Crimea, take a look at what he is doing to destabilize Ukraine and what he is threatening in Transnistria. Take a look at the geopolitical problems by not being energy independent and then measure that or offset that based on what you can do in an environmentally friendly sense of manner in terms of realizing your own energy resources,” said senator Johnson.

Speaking about energy independence, senator Murphy said "there are short-term signals, but there is no short-term solution.”

"There is a debate that we are having in the United States about how to do fracking and I think it’s very appropriate to limit the techniques and the type of chemicals that are used to suggest that there are certain areas that are close to public water supplies or high population areas that should be off-limits. So, there is a very reasonable conversation that you can have about this new technology,” senator Murphy explained.

Ecaterina Craciun, ecaterina.craciun@mediafax.ro

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