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"Mayor, please find me a wife that will be a good homemaker and respect me. She may as well not have any studies cause I can afford to buy her a diploma. I'll even take one with kids, no problem". That's what one of the more unusual requests sent to Sector 6 Mayor Cristian Poteraş sounds like.

Obviously, that request could not be resolved, just like those announcing the coming of the apocalypse or spousal arguments asking that city hall intervene were not taken into consideration.

According to the Public Relations and Single Office Director of Sector 6 City Hall, Mr. Corneliu Cristache, "we receive between 50 and 80 complaints every day. Most of the complaints are about the management of apartment owners' associations or about tenants. They usually start off with "where's our money gone to"? Another reason for arguments within associations are apartment building terraces. Those that complain say that water pours into their homes when it rains, and nobody in the building is interested in conducting repairs.

When the so-called abuses of an apartment building's president or superintendent aren't being notified, there are complaints against companies that operate at the ground floor of buildings".

The latest complaint received was from a Mrs. P.D., complaining of the noise of some refrigerators, the smell of the garbage dumpsters and the installation of some ventilation tubing that disturbs her. "Some people really disobey the law. In cases like that, we have to investigate.

People also complain about dogs, or they come and complain that their apartment buildings aren't clean, that the trees and hedges aren't cut, etc.", said Corneliu Cristache.

A superintendent on duty, making sure that nobody steals any heating

There are also apartment owners that don't like the fact that they don't have a "Feng Shui" view, or disapprove of the neighbors' bath hours. "When I open my window all I see are dirty windows. Such a lack of Feng Shui can't be tolerated". The windows are those of the basement storage areas occupied by apartment owners from the neighboring building, and the complainant is asking city hall to force them to regularly wash their windows or to cover them with "little drapes".

Other complaints are about the bathing hours of the neighbors.

"The lady takes a half hour bath. Then it's the husband's turn. It all goes on between the hours of 23:00 and 24:00. There's a lot of noise caused by the water and I just can't sleep", reads the complaint.

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