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Gândul launched the “Why don’t you come over?” campaign, offering reasons to travel to Romania, a response to British “Don’t come to UK” campaign, aimed at discouraging Romanian citizens who want to live and work in the UK.

After the daily paper The Guardian invited its readers to come up with their own ideas for the British Government campaign, Gândul, in a partnership with GMP Advertising, addressed a challenge to their own readers: any idea, poster design or slogan can be uploaded on the newspaper’s Facebook page, through the “Come to Romania” Facebook application.

Every day, up until the project ends, Gândul will publish two new posters created during the “Why don’t you come over?” campaign.

Such messages, received by the editorial office, include “Charles bought a house here in 2005. And Harry never has been photographed naked once”, and "We speak better English than anywhere you've been in France".

Two new posters say "Half of our women look like Kate. The other half, like her sister" and "We have the most beautiful road in the world according to your top motoring show", as Thursday’s edition displays messages such as "Our draft beer is less expensive than your bottled water" or "We serve more food groups than pie, sausage, fish & chips".

The Guardian readers have sent their suggestions for the anti-immigration campaign, but the result was more ironic to the British that to Romanians.

The authorities, the press and NGOs such as Migration Watch (UK) are trying to build up the idea that Romanian and Bulgarian citizens will invade Great Britain, after the labor market and residency restrictions in effect will be lifted.

Without official figures or solid scientific research, the British are warning that hundreds of thousands of Romanian migrants are waiting to come to their country.

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